Iron Man Triathlon Lanzarote 2009

I have photographed the Iron Man Triathlon in Lanzarote many years.
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Here are some pictures of one of the events.
The Iron Man Triathlon Lanzarote event took place Saturday May 23 with more than 1300 participants. People from all over the world participated in the world´s toughest triathlon with the dream of making it to the finishing line. 3.8 K swim - 180 K bike - 42 K run. Something that seems imposible, but with hard work and dedication it can be done. The great majority of participants are not professional athletes. Anyone can participate. An example of the great things a human being can accomplish if he proposes himself to do it.
Once again I was lucky enough to be one of the official photographers of the event.

1347 participants ready to start the race.

It´s 7:00 am and the great start begins.

Is very exciting to see a human stampede into the water.

The 3.8 K swim around playa Grande of Puerto del Carmen.

The first swimmers come out of the water in front of the espectators.

Thousands of espectators came to see the great start of the race.

180 Km bike run across the volcanic island of Lanzarote.

Bert Jammaer from Belgium lead the race most of the time.

Nicholas Ward Muñoz smiling and he still has another 130 Km to go.

Ain-Alar Juhanson from Estonia coming down to Haria at supersonic speed.

Gregorio Caceres Morales half way through the island at el Mirador del Rio.

The bike transition from biking to running at Puerto del Carmen.

The emotional arrival of the first place in 8:54 - Bert Jammaer from Belgium wins again.

Bella Bayliss from Scottland wins again exactly one hour after the first man with 9:54

Gregorio, the favorite from Lanzarote, did very good with 4th place.

This event is organized by Club La Santa and Iron Man. For more information visit their websites.

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