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Please contact me if you would like to use any of these photos for an article in a magazine,website, or book.
I can also print them at any size you like for your wall.
Prints are in glossy, matte, or canvas.
Photos look like paintings when printed on a large canvas and mounted on wood.
If you live in my area, I can deliver the photos already mounted and ready to hang.
I can also roll it up and ship it out to you.
And now with the internet you can pick up your print in the nearest photo shop near your home.


To take a good photo is more complicated than it looks like. Lots of things have to coincide to take the perfect photo. It helps to have the right equipment, technical knowledge, dedication and even good luck. Add to these the right light conditions, and of course, lots of talent from the models. My photos are not casuality, they are carefully planned and treated with alot of dedication and hard work.

For the dedication and sacrifice that this occupation takes, we are bothered that some companies, magazines, and websites copy our photos illegally for their own commercial use, without the authorization of the photographer or model. This piracy practice is illegal. Is true that many companies meet the photographers and models requirements to sell their products, but there are also other companies that don’t do this. These people copy photos from magazines and internet and use them for their sales in the local market. They do this without the consent of the photographer, who legally owns the copyright of the photograph. Also, many models have exclusive sponsors and their image cannot be used commercially by another company that doesn’t have a contract with him.

We will be carefully protecting our images from piracy. We are prepared to take any legal action necessary if we find out that someone is using or copying our images without previous permission. ( This can be easily avoided ).

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To all editors and business men: please play clean and be honest; thank you.