Lanzarote - Volcan del Cuervo ( The Raven´s volcano )

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Volcan del cuervo is one of the most popular volcanoes in Lanzarote because of its dramatic look. This volcano is easily accessible by a trail from the main road. Hiking to the inside of the crater is easy. But be careful if you decide to climb up to walk around the ridge.

Volcan del Cuervo ( The Raven´s Volcano )

The trail is easy to find just off the main road.

A small trail takes you up to the ridge

It only takes about 30 minutes to go all around the ridge.

Its really amazing walking on the edge of the ridge.

The trail takes you inside the crater through a crack on the wall. So there is no need to climb up to the top of the ridge to get inside the crater.

Inside the crater there is a purifying spiral that you can add a rock to make the spiral bigger. It is believed that walking through the spiral purifies the spirit through the element of fire from the volcano.

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